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TechTermux7mons ago
latest airtel 100mb daily cheat via ec tunnel v2ray vpn - by termux
This is yet another airtel free browsing cheat which is currently working on EC Tunnel V2ray VPN. It's very fast, easy to connect and very stable. Today, I am going to show you how u can cheat airtel and be getting 100mb free data everyday for unlimited. It's capped @ 100MB per day. It's small but at least it will go a long way for a quick social media chatting and internet browsing.   AIRTEL 100MB DAILY CHEAT VIA EC TUNNEL VPN   1. First of all, download EC Tunnel V2ray VPN from play store 2. Get your airtel sim ready. Make sure u don't have any data on it 3. Now, open the VPN and click Update Config in the app menu as show in the screenshots above πŸ‘† (make sure u do this with the internet connection else it won't update tweaks (configs)   4. When that is done, kindly select Airtel 100MB/Day tweak and Connect    5. Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect. When it successfully connects, you'll see Success, but when u see anything like failed, kindly reconnect again.   That's all.....   You Can now browse for free and chat, send emails, and lots more πŸ‘‡ without paying a single dime to AIRTEL.   I still remain Termux 
Latest Airtel 100mb Daily Cheat Via Ec Tunnel V2ray Vpn - By Termux
TechTermux7mons ago
how to stop receiving calls & sms on your phone at a particular time - by termux
(Example; Whenever you are in a meeting or sleeping or at work) DIAL *35*0000*16# SEND. From then on you will not receive SMS & calls again. DIAL *35*0000*16# SEND to Cancel it. NOTE: The same code you used in activating it is the same code you will use to deactivate it.
How To Stop Receiving Calls & Sms On Your Phone At A Particular Time - By Termux
TechTermux7mons ago
how to stop auto download on whatsapp
  WhatsAppWow! You can stop default download on Whatsapp. How to stop auto download on Whatsapp is obviously made crystal clear here so that you won’t restrain or have your heart skipped when someone decides to send you loads of media or high storage media on Whatsapp.       It can be so data consuming when you receive loads of media on Whatsapp from someone or most of your friends. Another annoying part is when these high storage or low storage media but plenty comes up with the loading signal. It also freaks out because it is capable of consuming all your data in a twinkle of an eye. As nature may have it, we are up here with you to share a guide that will assist you as long as you use the app.   Meanwhile, Whatsapp auto downloads media on its own. That is, at default, Whatsapp downloads photo, audio, video, or voice notes. It is data consuming and also freaky. This guide will show you how to choose ones that will download automatically and how to stop all of them from downloading at default. At this point in time, it will interest you to know that as a reader, you ought to have the Whatsapp app and an active logged in account before we proceed.   Whatsapp Review There are few things you don’t know about Whatsapp that we intend to share with you so that you will live with the information and also the intending ones.   Whatsapp is owned by Facebook now. Just like there is a Whatsapp app, there is Whatsapp Business where marketing and e-commerce is made easy. Also, most users use Whatsapp to engage in certain tutorials. Do you know that users generate revenue from this app? All these Whatsapp TVs and individuals with hundreds to thousands of contacts, market goods on their status and also do a whole lot of thing to earn from this second giant social networking app. Best for quality international and local voice/calls. Data Only, no extra charges. Interestingly, share songs and keep yourself updated on things happening in other apps. More so, catch up with trending news on Whatsapp. On the other hand, Whatsapp emerged a feature that will help you read chats in an incognito mode, without it showing your friend that it is read. Same way, statuses are viewed without traces. Ask me how?, if you don’t know how its done. We are back from our little drive on what Whatsapp new, old, and additional features. It is time to find out how to stop auto download on Whatsapp.   Download Whatsapp for PC Hope you know that there is a desktop version of Whatsapp. It entails connecting your main Whatsapp account to the laptop. It is called the Whatsapp web. Scanning the QR code on your Whatsapp PC with the open camera box on your mobile phone when logged onto the app.   Get this app from Opera Mini for Pc. It is located at the desktop side bar. Open it to connect as a web account and then, enjoy same features as shown on your mobile phone. Hope you are ready?. Download the new Opera mini windows browser to get this benefit.   In order to use less data for calls or downloading Whatsapp media, this is the settings you must change to your preference of less data so that anytime a media or medias are sent to you, they won’t download until you indicate or allow it.   Login your Whatsapp. On the first page, which is the conversation page, I believe that you are seeing list of contacts you have been chatting all these while, ignore them and place your sight at the top right side of the home screen. Tap on that three perpendicular dots. From the listed options, tap on Settings which is the last in line.      
How To Stop Auto Download On Whatsapp
TechTermux7mons ago
how to bypass easybuy payment on phones - by termux
How To Bypass Easybuy payment on Phones - By Termux    Today I will exposing a secret on how you can bypass the Easybuy payment on phones 4Life. We all know how Easy Buy operates, You pay 20 - 30% and take a new phone home as loan, which if you didn't meet with your payment agreement they'll block you from accessing the phone.   So today I will be showing u how u can bypass the Easybuy tracker and the phone will be yours for life without you paying them their money. I went into research on this I have been on the Internet cracking this having lots of sleeplest nights because around last year somebody brought a phone worth 70k in order for me to bypass the Easybuy payment on it after the phone has been blocked by Easybuy, But on to no avail, But I have finally gotten the solution after many months of sleeplest nights on the Internet!    Is there anything that is too difficult for me to do on the Internet?? Absolutely NOTHING   Now this is how you can bypass the Easybuy payment on all phones, including the latest iphone pro max   Follow the steps below;   REQUIREMENTS   βœ“ Tor Browser app βœ“ MTK ENGINEERING MOD apk download from dark web βœ“ WindScribe VPN PRO MOD   Here's how to set it up   1. Download Tor Browser from Google play store or any of ur phone store   2. Download WindScribe VPN or get the pro mod APK from HappyMod site or u can download the HappyMod software on the phone 3. Download and Launch ur VPN    Set it up and change ur location from Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ to any foreign servers, I normally use USA servers. Why changing ur severs??   So that if they track u they won't get your location, you will be in πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ BUT it will display πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²     4. Launch ur Tor Browser and goto darkweb and get the MTK ENGINEERING MOD APK   5 Now navigate and launch the MTK Engineering app, scroll down to the mod APKPure you will see the phone IMEI number it's a 15 digits number that starts with " 35 " tap on the 15 digits IMEI number   6. A pop-up will appear showing "earse" click on the earse, you will be asked "Are you sure you want to earse?" CLICK "yes"!   7. It Will show earsing. Your phone will shut down and restart itself Within 60seconds.   8. When it's "ON" You Will see a screen mgs like "Lock Easybuy tracker out of this phone" tap on it and click done. βœ…   That's all.......   Congratulations! You've successful bypass the Easybuy payment on that phone and u have lock πŸ”’ them out of the phone πŸ“± for life. They'll never gain access to the phone again to lock it. That's how to bypass the Easybuy payment on phones.   You can click on the share button to spear the Good News to the world if you are in need of the full video Tutorial on this kindly WhatsApp me via 08117024587  Terms & Conditions apply.   I still remain #LordViccoDaHackModder aka Termux
How To Bypass Easybuy Payment On Phones - By Termux
TechTermux7mons ago
mtn season of surprise promo - mtn is giving out 5gb & 5k airtime for n150
MTN Season Of Surprises PROMO - Mtn Is Giving Out 5GB & 5k Airtime For N150   Don't miss out, MTN has started surprising their customers again this Season, To enjoy this Offer,    Text "MUSIC" to 5900"   without the qoutes   You will receive a pop-up message like this,    "Thank you for requesting for Game+ Weekly Plan at NGN 150.00/week. Data charges may apply. Please reply: 1. Accept 2. Reject   kindly select 1 and that's all. You will receive a success message from MtnSurprise.   Dial *131*4# to check your data and *559*4# to check your 5k bonus airtime which can be use to call any network.    I still remain Termux
Mtn Season Of Surprise Promo - Mtn Is Giving Out 5gb & 5k Airtime For N150
TechTermux8mons ago
very hot: how to get 750mb for n200 on 9mobile
Today, I show you a trick on how you will get 750mb data for just N200 on 9mobile. Firstly you should be on MoreCliq   morecliq #breakfree the new morecliq offers you the freedom to choose your bonus, you can either get 350% bonus for on-net calls, 250% bonus to all networks or 100% bonus on data plans from 40MB to 500MB.   Click here to see the benefits of morecliq http://9mobile.com.ng/voiceprepaid/morecliq-new/   Dial *545# and select 100% data bonus. Recharge N200 and you will be given free 150MB you will receive a message like this;   "Congratulations, you have been granted 150MB free data for recharging N200.00 this week. To be used from 12am to 5am valid for 7days".   Now, Dial *200*3*1*2*1# You will be given 150MB and the N200 would be deducted. You'll receive 2 messages from 9mobile like below;   "Your request to buy 150MB data plan was successful. Enjoy additional 150.00MB data bonus valid for 7days".   "You have been rewarded with 30.00MB data bonus. To access this bonus, purchase same data plan or higher data plan before expiry of your data plan".   <b> 150mb X 4 = 600mb   #Now, "Recharge another #200 and dial *200*3*1*2*1# You will be given additional 150MB + additional 150MB making <b>750mb   #To check all your data bonus + main data plan, dial *228#.   I still remain Termux dark web
Very Hot: How To Get 750mb For N200 On 9mobile
TechTermux8mons ago
9mobile 0.0k unlimited free browsing cheat via whatsvpn by ` termux
9mobile 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via WhatsVPN    I am going to explain how you can browse unlimitedly for free with the help of an apk app called Whatsvpn.   This means it can only work on Android phones for downloading movies, files, no matter the file size it will download.   Follow the steps below to activate yours   - Get a registered 9mobile SIM card with 0.00airtime and no data balance. - Open your Google Play Store, download and Install WhatsVPN   Download Whatsvpn below;   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inf.vpn-turbo.free.proxy.whatsvpn   - You are also required to install Advanced Download Manager - (ADM) - below;   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dv.adm   > Launch the Whatsvpn app and change your country location to Canada > While doing this - make sure your phone data connectivity on your 9mobile network is (ON)   > Next, search for the link of movies you want to download and copy it. > Finally launch the Advanced Download Manager app on your device and tap on the + sign at the bottom-right, > Paste the download link you copied earlier and tap Start.   That's all you need to know.   I still remain Termux dark web
9mobile 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via Whatsvpn By ` Termux
TechTermux8mons ago
how to get mtn 400mb for #50
How To Get MTN 400MB for #50 Valid For 14days   Today I will be teaching you guys how to activate mtn 200mb-400mb data for just #50 to 1GB for N250 upon multiple activation.    Requirements   >> MTN 3G or 4G SIM >> airtime of #50   Follow the process below   Note: The main data is 200mb + extra 200mb data bonus made it 400mb.   Note that normal Mtn plan gives 25Mb for #50 valid for 1 day, But in this tutorial I will use my Computer brain to show you how to get 400mb for the same #50 valid for 14days. You can all see the difference between them right?  Now follow me as I continue.    The code and process is stated below Just dial *131*25#   Yeah after following the above process.. #50 will be deducted from your airtime and you get your mb.   This offer runs from now till 30th September 2022.   I still remain Termux dark web
How To Get Mtn 400mb For #50
TechTermux8mons ago
new mtn http injector settings for mtn mpulse data to power all apps
New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN mPulse Data To Power All Apps - By Termux    "I have updated this post with MTN mPulse Config file for HTTP Injector VPN".   Hello guys, I am happy to tell you all that I now have a working HTTP Injector Settings to Power all apps with MTN mPulse data.   Let's get down to the settings quickly.   New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN mPulse Data   Requirements   - #An Android phone - MTN 3G or 4G sim - Use default MTN APN settings.   > Firstly, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#   > Secondly, subscribe to mPulse monthly bundle of 1.2GB for N150, dial *344*2*1*2#.   > Now, download HTTP Injector VPN here below;   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evozi.injector   - After that, download any of the Config files below; "It doesn't work for rooted Android phones"   https://www.mediafire.com/file/0vupmtl9zr7a/gw/mpulse+injector+1.ehi   https://www.mediafire.com/file/r5a8b5y8gr5bq6d/MPULSE+INJECTOR+.ehi   How To Import Config on HTTP Injector Vpn   > #After installing HTTP injector, launch the VPN app > Tap on the paper icon located at the top-right corner   > Tap on Import Config and locate the MTN mPulse New file and tap on it to import.   > Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 sec. When it does connect, launch ur browser and any app and start browsing in full speed.   I still remain termux dark web
New Mtn Http Injector Settings For Mtn Mpulse Data To Power All Apps
TechTermux8mons ago
airtel 0.0kb free browsing cheat via http injector config file june 2022
Airtel 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat Via HTTP Injector Config File - June 2022   Requirements::   => #Your Android Smartphone => An airtel SIM with 0.0kb => HTTP Injector - Download from playstore => Airtel 0.0kb Config file- you can comment to get it.   How to Set up Airtel 0.0kb free browsing via HTTP Injector Config File   #Install your HTTP Injector and open it then follow the steps below - Click on the file icon - Click on file icon - Click on Import Config file - Locate the downloaded Config file Import the config file   - Finally, click on start and that's it.   It is important to note that this cheat is sim selective and it is recommended you use a 4G sim. It is also use in areas that support 4G. If you try using 0.0kb sim and it's not connecting, try using a sim that have at least 5mb on it.   Feel free to share this post using any of the share buttons & don't forget that your feedback is important.   I still remain termux 
Airtel 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat Via Http Injector Config File June 2022
TechTermux8mons ago
hot!! 9mobile free 120gb cheat with 0.0kb
HOT!! 9mobile Free 120GB Cheat with 0.0kb Acct    Today I'm going to show you how to get 120GB Data For Free on your 9mobile Sim. This cheat will help you reduce the rate at which u buy data on 9mobile.   How to Get free 120GB Data on 9mobile   1. Get a New 9moilbe sim for better result, make sure ur plan is on Easyblaze or Easyclick   To check kindly dial *244*3#   2. Tweak this imei 359750056321570   Analyse it with IMEI info>>> Remember the first 9digits are legit    3. After successful tweaking, text DATA to 8186 u'll receive a message that d device is invalid.    4. Dial *229*1#, then *229*5*3#   then 120gb will be granted to you for one year!    I still remain termux
Hot!! 9mobile Free 120gb Cheat With 0.0kb
TechTermux8mons ago
hot: how to get 1gb for 100 naira on mtn valid for 1month
The data war is becoming interesting. All major networks in Nigeria has been giving us cheap data plans back to back.   MTN is here with yet another cheaper data plan that gives you 1GB for just N100. This data has been designed for selective customers. Which means, it's sim selective, not everyone is eligible for this plan.   HOW TO ACTIVATE MTN 1GB FOR 100NAIRA   Like I earlier said this plan is not available to all customers.   > Load a recharge card of 100N > Then dial *131*100# to subscribe. > Data is valid for 1month. > Dial *131*4# for data balance.   That's all... Enjoy while it last!
Hot: How To Get 1gb For 100 Naira On Mtn Valid For 1month
TechTermux8mons ago
how to stop airtel from deducting your credit when browsing
How To Stop Airtel From Deducting Your Credit When Browsing - See Secret Codes Airtel is fond of making PAYU / PayG a default plan when buying a new line. Even if you have an active data on the line, they will still deduct from your airtime when browsing the internet.   Follow me as I show you how to stop them from deducting ur airtime credit with the code below.   Medoth 1   This method works if you don't have an active data on your line and u wish to stop Airtel PAYG. What you have to do is to subscribe to any data plan by doing so, you will be opted out automatically. Kindly, dial *141# and choose your preferred data bundle. You will be asked "what should happen when your bundle finishes". Just reply with 1, which is "StopMyData"   Method 2   This method words for everyone. If you have an active data on ur line and Airtel keeps deducting from your airtime balance, that means you are on PAYU plan. This method will work for you.   What you have to do is to dial *400*1#. You will get a response saying "You have successfully opted out of Airtel PAYU plan. You can dial *400# if you wish to go back to Airtel PAYU and continue browsing from your airtime balance".   Hope this helps?  
How To Stop Airtel From Deducting Your Credit When Browsing
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