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HistoryFemvila8mons ago
who is napoleon bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica, an Island in the Mediterranean to north of Sardinia, but currently part of France. Napoleon Bonaparte who is born on August 15, 1769 is one of the most divisive emperors in history a man who was recently called an icon of white supremacy. On October 28, 1785, Napoleon Bonaparte graduated from a military academy in Paris with a fairly low rank he became a second lieutenant in the French army by then his father had died of stomach cancer Napoleon then took charge of his family even though he was not the oldest son, he was only 16. At 23 Napoleon fought for Pascal Pauli a leader supporting Corsica’s independence from France when Paulie won he turned against Napoleon, his family had to flee France. In the following year, 1793, after the French King, Louis XVI, who convicted for high treason in a near-unanimous vote had been beheaded, France became a republic, this saw to the return of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his rise began with the French revolution he led a military expedition to recapture the city of Toulon he quashed a rebellion in Paris. At the age of 27 he was appointed the commander of the French forces in Italy his troops conquered much of Italy and parts of Austria he became a hero. Napoleon's military planning and his war strategy boosted his position in France he defeated the Egyptian forces even tried invading modern-day Syria and he failed he deserted his army and returned to France then he staged a coup overthrew the five-man executive body of France and became the first council of the country in the year 1799. Napoleon who was just 30 years old got married and this was just the beginning of his climb, he led France, he reformed the education System, the banking system, instituted a Napoleonic code much like the modern day penal code, at 33 he became the first council for life then he crowned himself the Emperor of France, he censored oppositions, exiled his critics installed several paintings of himself in prominent, Napoleon also restored slavery, but with all these, Napoleon close to 15-year rule of France will be mostly remembered for his wars, the country was almost always at war. In the year 1803 Napoleon sold modern day Louisiana to United State under President Thomas Jefferson for 15 million dollars and he used this money to fund wars he tried fighting the British Royal Navy and he failed, he fought the Russians, he defeated the Austrians twice, he defeated the Prussian army, by 1807 napoleon had control of most of Western and Central Europe and his law was applicable in all of these lands but he knew that his forces would never be able to take on the British Royal Navy so he introduced a blockade a blockade on British trade he forbade European countries from trading with Britain this system failed because European countries including Russia pulled out of the trade blockade and to punish Russia Napoleon decided to invade it he failed miserably he lost 5000 soldiers to cold weather and disease the year was 1813. Napoleon was 44 years old it was his worst defeat ever within a year forces from Britain, Russia, Spain, Austria invaded France Napoleon was forced to surrender he was exiled to the Island of Elba in the Mediterranean he came to France one year later he regained power but this time his rule lasted for only 100 days Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in the battle of waterloo, he was then exiled to the island of saint Elena far from France where he was monitored by British guards. On May 5, 1821, Napoleon's life ended like a Shakespearean tragedy, he died within six years in exile he was just 52 years old, the year was to some he remains a military genius to some he is an emblem of friend supremacy but for much of Europe he is one of the continent's most divisive leaders a blot to Europe in history from a minor noble family napoleon went on to become the ruler of much of continental Europe his story was a message for all of us each one of us has the ability to change the course of history but it's up to us to decide which way we want to steer it.
Who Is Napoleon Bonaparte
HistoryFemvila8mons ago
the igho landing 1803
I want to tell you a story, a true story not a fiction, a story of the Igbo, not so much of the recent Igbo but the Igbos of the slave trade era.  A story that might interest you. In may, 1803 a ship loaded with from West Africa was forcefully hijacked by a group of 75 Igbo slaves. The 75 Igbos was part of the enslaved people being transported the current day Nigeria to the United States of America. The Igbos were known for being fiercely independent and resistant to slavery. The enslaved people who were being transported to the United States of America, were to auctioned off in a local slave market in Georgia. These slaves were believed to be sold to their captors, John Couper and Thomas Spalding, and were to be sold at the rate of 100 dollars each. The slaves were chained, packed and decked in slave ship to be shipped to St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia in the United States of America. so, apparently, during their journey the enslaved people rose up in rebellion. They seized control of the ship and drowned their captors, this cause the ship to be grounded in Dunbar Creek at the site now locally known as Igbo Landing. Apparently also, but not hundred percent certain, because there are several versions of what the development after the revolt of the Igbos. But the most popular one is, after the Igbos went ashore they enjoyed just a short lived freedom and walked backed in the water in unison, singing and chanting in the Igbo language "The Water Spirit brought us, the Water Spirit will take us home" under the direction of a high Igbo chief among them. They thereby accepted the protection of their god Chukwu and death over the alternative of slavery.
The Igho Landing 1803
HistoryFemvila8mons ago
how did the bokoharam gain prominence in nigeria.
It all begin in the year 1992, the Algerian military staged a coup to prevent the the Islamic Salvation Front from winning the country's first democratic election, due to the coup the country slipped into a Civil war, a very brutal conflict that lasted till 2002, more than 200,000 Algerians died and about 15,000 were displaced. Among the displaced were the Islamic fighters who flee the country, they found refuge in the deserted area of Northern Mali. There, the fighters rebuild their resources and allied with local rebel groups and they began engaging in criminal activities. In 2007, these fighters reorganize themselves and swear allegiance to the al-Qaeda, they call themselves al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), meaning al-Qaeda in the Islamic west, this group had one aim, which is to overthrow the Algerian government and set up an Islamic state, to achieve this aim the AQIM began collaborating and funding a small militant group in Nigeria, the Bokoharam, it literally means western education is a sin. The Bokoharam emerged in 2002 but gain prominence in 2009, the AQIM provided the Bokoharam with weapons and money, but the Bokoharam had a different motive, they wanted Nigeria to abandoned western education, science and modern literature.  To enforce thier will the Bokoharam started raiding villages, slaughtering people and o kidnapping children, they used these abducted children to carry suicidattacks across africa.s.
How Did The Bokoharam Gain Prominence In Nigeria.
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