About Us

Femvila is an online discussion forum coupled with a micro-job platform where members can complete small tasks to earn points. Femvila has multiple discussion forums including; Politics, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment and Celebrity Gossip etc. Where discussions on different topics are carried out, and the discussions are moderated by experts. Also registered users are rewarded with points for using and promoting Femvila judiciously.

We believe in doing what we do best and that is what we want to achieve by making it more comfortable for Nigerians to use Crow as their platform of choice. Some of the issues we think should be tackled in Nigeria are brought up in our discussions such as tackling corruption, improving medical care, solving land disputes among others.

Launched in 20222 by Obinna Osegbu, Femvila is currently only for Nigerian's membership. Our mission is to empower Nigerians through participation in our Judiciously Intelligent Discussions.

Fast growing in terms of members which is an exciting thing to see considering that there are over 100 million active Nigerian internet users as per recent research. And since there are over 100 million subscribers on our mobile phone network across the country - chances that most of these people will at least visit our site or have some interactions with us at reasonable intervals is extremely high so we naturally expect skyrocketing growth soon.